Writing is My Favorite Addiction Ever

Life is so rich when every moment is an article waiting to happen. I will leap out of bed to jot down ideas, and pull into parking lots to scribble down ideas that popped in my head on the way there. As a result I have ideas written down and stashed in just about every corner of my house, evidence pointing to my addiction to this site.

I get a thrill out of submitting each article and seeing the "Thank You! Your content has been submitted" message that appears. This is one of the subtle things that gives me a feeling of accomplishment for the day, and has made writing for Content addictive. It's kind of a gateway drug. I know that I have a lot of opinions and stories, but it always comes as a shock that someone might find them to be of interest.

Checking on my articles to see what offers I got is the highlight of my day. In fact, I hate to let a day go by without submitting something, because then I might have a day with no offers. Going to my Content page and seeing that my articles have been reviewed is such fun. It's like Christmas morning, winning at the slot machine, and getting your tax refund in the mail all at once.

Having the stream of income into my paypal account is one of the best parts, of course. I have other addictions that cost money, and I am able to pay for them with my Content addiction.

Writing for this site has changed how I communicate. In conversations, a topic will come up and I'll say "Oh yes, I just wrote an article on that". It's like I'm instantly branding myself as an expert. I try to strike a delicate balance between getting the word out about new articles, and actually quoting myself in the third person like some kind of know-it-all. I don't, after all, want anyone to stage an intervention.

Writing for this site has given me a reason to start writing again. I do a variety of small part-time things for extra money, and it's been great to add "freelance writer" to my list of gigs. Having had formal art training, I am painfully aware of how challenging it can be to find compensation for your work. I had looked at my interest in writing as something that was of little benefit, kind of a parlor trick. Writing for this site elevates it to something that is valuable both financially and intellectually. It's a habit worth picking up.