What is in a Teachers Name

With schools beginning across the country, I decided to review some of the last names of teachers that I have come across. This is not to belittle or make fun of anyone. Ninety nine percent of these individuals were excellent educators. I just wanted to provide a flashback to the days we were in school. Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

Mrs. English, Mrs. Crabtree, Miss Purdy, Mr. Grump, Mr. Stone, Mr. Washington, Mrs. Chalk, Mr. Lunchpale, Mr. Coffy, Mrs. Carberry, Miss Shoes, Miss Hickey, Mr. Locks, Mr. Crabaze, Mrs. Wright, Dr. Drizzle, Mrs. Stern, Miss Chief, Mr. Ruyle, Mrs. Skool, Mr Hollway, Miss Pleaze, and my favorite of all time is Miss Gititwright.

Have a nice day!