Tips for Writing Thank You Cards

Whether you just got married and you have 100 thank-you cards to write or you just had a new baby and have to send thank-you notes to your friends and family, here are some great tips to help get you through the writing process of writing the thank-you cards.

Keep them short and to the point. Thank-you cards are not the time to let people in on your life story at the moment. You should not brag about your new job or complain about anything going on in your life. They are a note to say thank you to the person. You should express your gratitude, let them know how you will use the gift or how the gift has helped you and them close the note up.

Make sure that you send a thank-you note for every gift that you receive. Even if it is a small gift, it still deserves a thank you. If you have trouble keeping track, make a spreadsheet or a list that you can write them down as soon as you receive the gift. At most parties, like bridal showers, someone will write down all the gifts down for you with the names of the gift givers. Make sure that you follow that list and are checking off the people you have sent thank-you cards to. You want to make sure everyone receives a thank-you card and also that someone does not receive two thank-you cards.

Mailing a thank-you card is a lot more personal than emailing the person a . Actually handwriting a letter shows the person that you took the time out of your day to write a letter and mail it, were as an email sort of looks like an afterthought. I know most people like receiving friendly letters in the mail and this is an excellent way to make a person’s day.

If you have a lot of thank-you cards to write out, set up a place in your house that you can have a station set up to write all of them out. Choose a spare bedroom or a spot in your office that does not have clutter. Gather up the stationary or cards with the envelopes, pens, stamps, and your address book and you can quickly put together the cards when you have the time and they will be there and organized so it can go much quicker.

Even if you do not like the present that was given, you still need to write a thank-you card to the person. Everyone likes to be appreciated and just because they got you something that you may not like, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t like it or thought it was special. Focus on the positive, such as the thought of the gift.