The Woes and Tribulations of the Substitute Teacher

Substitute teacher,
Class of woes,
There goes Gary picking his nose.
There goes Shirley texting Mary Lou,
And Goof Ball Harry is playing his kazoo.
Mike is chewing on a chocolate bar,
While Mary is strumming her electric guitar.
Thomas Smith is rocking in his chair,
While Laurie Banks is brushing her hair.
Big Lou Rocker is swearing a lot.
He’s complaining that his video game system is shot.
Billy Bumper is telling a joke
About an ogre and a frog that croaked.
Jill and Jack are playing a game
That Wally says is really lame.
All at once, the bell rings.
The students yell, the students scream.
The substitute teacher
Is starting to shake.
Her class is like one
Giant earthquake.