The Best Approach to Learning Computer Programming

Are you interested in computer programming and you do not know how to go about it? Are you in another industry and your interest is to acquire the basic skills of computer programming? You should not despair for there are is a simple and cheap method of understanding the fundamentals of computer programming. This method is in three parts and consists of:

i). Acquiring a computer language compile.

ii). Acquiring the computer language programming tutorial

iii). Learning other languages.

The first step on learning a computer program cheaply is to acquire a computer language compiler. The language maybe Pascal, C++, Java script, C, Visual Basics (VB), or SQL. For starters, I would recommend to either acquire latest versions of Pascal (Pascal 5 and above) or VB. This is because the two languages are very simple to understand and master. They therefore suit those who are new in the computer programming industry.

A compiler is a computer program that has been designed to interpret the human language into computer language. Computer language consists of byte characters in the form of 0s and 1s (that is off or on switches and circuits).

Instead of mastering the combinations of 0s and 1s that will form an instruction, computer programs have been developed to ease the interaction between the human programmer and the computer itself. Most of these compilers come as software that is installable from standard discs for CD-ROM and others.

After you have acquired a suitable compiler, then you have to get a guide tutorial through which you will learn how to program using the particular computer programming language. The reason why I said that I would prefer the Pascal and Visual Basics is that not only is it easy to acquire their compilers, but also finding online tutorials for them is quite simple. Just type in the words ‘Free Pascal tutorials’ or ‘Free VB tutorials’ on any search engines preferably Google and you will get many websites dedicated to providing these free online tutorials.

After getting the compiler and online guides, you can then easily dedicate a period of time to slowly and logically follow the tutorials. Try to follow the examples given. Learning computer programming language requires someone who will be interactive with the compiler, not just following the guide without actively participating in writing the codes. Most of the tutorials have been divided into lessons and it is my advice that you go through each lesson per day instead of accumulating several lessons in one day that might end up confusing you.

An expert computer programmer must learn several computer programming languages. This will mean that one language is learnt after the other. Being up to date with the current computer programming languages will help you be a good computer program developer. It is worth to note that computer programming is a continuous field of study and any dedicated computer programmer will not relax and sit back if excellence is to be achieved.