Musicovery: Interactive Web Radio

One of the never-dying fads among music lovers is online music. They'll get their doses from any source – online radio stations, band Web sites, free MP3 sites, online radio sites, MySpace musician profiles and more. These are all great ways to listen to music. However, if music lovers want to discover new music, they are quite limiting.

Music lovers need to know what artists they like or at least what style of music they like. It makes it hard to discover new music as exploring completely new content is almost impossible.

A great site on the Internet is Musicovery. The name is a play on the words "Music Discovery." The site allows users to choose from a variety of music types. It also allows users to choose music in two different range. Those ranges are "dark to positive" and "calm to energetic." Users can choose any area that rank between both of these ranges. Users are allowed to choose these ranges by themselves with a selection of certain music types (or all of them) or just from one certain music type.

Musicovery will then play different songs that fit that description. It lists the song title and the artist. Users will always know what songs they are hearing. If users absolutely fall in love with a song they are hearing, musicovery provides links to Amazon, iTunes, and Ebay where they can find the song.

If users don't like a certain song, they are not forced to listen to it. Musicovery allows users to pause and play songs. They can also just play a song and then browse others in the same category by following the flow of songs shown on the screen. If users want to hear a song they see on the screen, all they have to do is click on the song.

There is a big enough library that users will not easily get bored with the site. Unlike hearing the same song on the radio with in the same day, Musicovery has enough songs that not a single song would be heard in the same day if they all were to be played.

Musicovery brings the comfort of listening to different music before buying into the home. Gone are the days of browsing library shelves for a certain genre or going to the music store to listen to a certain genre of music through the headphones that so many others have worn on their heads.

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