Mouth- Watering Southern Iced Tea

Preparation is the key to great Iced Tea. Begin first with gathering all of the needed ingredients for this mouth- watering prize.


Lipton Hot Tea Packets (3)

Domino Sugar

Raspberry Syrup (7 oz bottle)

Ice Cubes (2.5 trays)

Water (depends on the pitcher size)

Lemons (approx. 4)

Measuring Cup

Follow the instructions on the Lipton Hot Tea box and boil the tea packets in water.

Once boiling has begun, squeeze juice from one lemon to boil with the tea packets and water. This process generally takes about 20 minutes.

Pour hot tea and lemon juice mixture into a pitcher. Add about 2 cups of domino sugar to the pitcher.

Pour about 2/3 of a cup of raspberry syrup into the mixture. Add ice cubes to the mixture. Add remaining lemons into slices and set tea into the refrigerator for ½ hour.

Serve over ice or in iced glasses and enjoy.