Miss Lady Bug Goes to a Tea Party

Precious little lady bug,
Won’t you come over for a sip of tea?
“Goodness gracious yes,
You are so kind to me.”

“Precious little lady bug,
My tea party will be grand.
The mouse, the chipmunk, and the sparrow,
Will all be on hand.”

“You’ll have a delightful time.
We’ll be having crumpets for dessert.
I’m sure you’ll have such fun.
Why, I’ve even invited Mert.”

“Mert is my best friend.
Mr. Groundhog you are so kind.
I’m thrilled at your invitation.
I’ll bring over a bottle of wine.”

“You are so considerate Miss Lady Bug.
The party shall commence at two.
Come as you are and enjoy the fest.
There’s nothing else you need to do.”

Ms. Lady Bug had a wonderful time.
The tea party was a success.
And best of all she received glowing compliments,
About her fancy, new, black and red dress.