How to Find a Great Website for Boomers

How does a Boomer find a great website just for them? EMarketer, an online market and research organization, lists specified data proving that the boomer generation -as opposed to the senior population today-will be worth its weight in gold, if properly tended to, in years to come. That’s why the Web cannot afford to see the boomer generation as the seniors of old (pun absolutely intended). Let’s stroll down Weberly Lane and see what websites are available today specifically geared towards boomers:

1) – I wrote an article about some time ago giving several reasons why boomers should pass when seeking a site of their own. Even so, it is one of the few sites online that targets boomers, only. But, if you look closely, there are still parts of the site that border on very old age. Boomers don’t like to be thought of as old, even if we are. Jeff Taylor, the former CEO of is the brains behind Eons.

2) – This site is a clearinghouse for Boomer sites. But, alas, Grandma thinks boomers are seniors too. At least that’s what her title says. “The starting point for Boomers and Seniors”. Nice thought, Grandma Betty, but I think I’ll get in my convertible and go to the gym instead. Granted, many Boomers have a myriad of health problems. These boomers might be trying to figure out what nursing home to spend their last days in – but I would hazard a guess – and say- most Boomers don’t want to be one of them. And aren’t. Let’s face it – the minute most boomers see senior coupled with them in an online title, the clicking begins.

3) Aging Hipsters: This is my favorite. It is cool, groovy, and has flower power. Unlike the majority of Boomer/ Senior sites – Aging Hipsters is all about Boomers and where they came from. This site recognizes that the boomer generation is literate and engaged when it comes to broadband internet use, and even, yes—-ipods.

4) – Even though, the CEO of SGC states that part of his demographic is the boomer brigade – using the word Senior as the company title is almost guaranteed to lose the Last Hippie Group Standing. However, it’s a great site- and comes equipped with many of the bells and whistles that enable those who come to have a good time.

5) Boomers International: Just say Boomers Everything and you have given this site a synonymous name. This is a place to sit back and read articles, thoughts, and get the scoop on the boomer mentality today. Pretty good.

How do you find a great Boomer website? First, keep in mind that we, as Boomers, still like to talk to each other. We love the ‘Net but, unlike the younger set we do not walk around with cell phones growing out of our ears, – so, make sure there is a definite way to chat. Message boards are cool. Forums are cool. Groups, with delayed interaction? Not so much.

Second, even though many of us have health problems, like arthritis, high , and cloak and dagger disease – it is best to downplay that -and bring to fore ways to get fit. Fast ways to get fit. We wanted to be fit yesterday -ways to get fit. And for God’s sake, don’t have an obit page – like Not only morbid, but disturbing as well.

And finally, remember, boomers, we are still the people we were when Janis sang the blues -sure, we are older, sure we have lived through a lot since then- but we still like our music, we still want to change the world – and we still have our dreams. So, when you are winging your way through the WWW looking for sites that fit – keep those things in mind and you won’t miss.