Digital Vs. Traditional Scrapbooking

Several years ago I was introduced to the world of scrapbooking by several girlfriends. I had always been intrigued by their own creativeness with the scrapbooks that they have made of their children and families. It seemed like they had every event encountered photographed and outfitted with its own set of embellishments before it even got into their book.

I was quickly hooked on this new project as I have a passion for photography and telling stories. Not much later I was further introduced to the concept of digital scrapbooking. This really caught my attention along with the criticism it received by the more traditional scrapbookers. So I needed to research each of these concepts for myself.

Traditional scrapbooking involves cutting, pasting and designing a page layout that will be filled with embellishments and journaling. The scrapbooker uses only acid-free, lignin-free paper and embellishments to create pages themed after the pictures to be placed on them. This type of scrapbooking offers plenty of flexibility on page designs. However, each embellishment and piece of paper must be purchased separately. Pages must be planned carefully so that there is not unnecessary cutting of the materials. There are also a variety of cutting tools that are necessary to create the layout.

Digital scrapbooking is very straightforward offering the same, if not more flexibility than the . It can be done on any desktop or laptop computer. There are wide selection of scrapbook and photo editing software that allows the user to design customized pages for scrapbooks and other digital gifts.

Being an experienced user of both methods, I have more recently settled with digital scrapbooking. Personally, it offers me the ability to create wonderful pages and the ability to pay for the completed project when I need it. My young children and new puppy cannot damage or harm themselves with any of the cutting tools used in traditional scrapbooking. Lastly, I can work on my projects anywhere and at any time since it doesn’t command much use of space or storage.

There will always be a place in my crafting for traditional scrapbooking. However, digital scrapbooking should not be outlawed just yet. It may be the way for new scrapbookers to share their memories.