Digital Scrapbook Background and Frames Tutorial: Pink and Blue Checkers

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a pink and blue checkered background for scrapbooks and the frames to go with it. This background and frames are created in Fireworks CS3. It looks like it would take a lot of work to create the checkers, but it doesn’t. Most of the checkers are created by duplicating them. I will explain step by step how to create this background and frames. Go ahead and create you a new canvas to work on. Create the canvas the size that you need for the background.

Select your rectangle tool and draw a square on your canvas. Draw the square the size that you want the checkers to be. Change the color fill of the square to #B745CB. Duplicate that square so that the other square will be the same size. We will be doing a lot of duplicating, so to duplicate, you right click, click Edit > Duplicate. Drag the square that you just duplicated beside the first square. Change the color of this square to #3EADD2. Now continue duplicating these two checkers until you have the first row.

Once you have the first row of checkers, select the entire first row. To select all of them, hold down shift on your keyboard and click each checker. Right click on one of the checkers and duplicate the row. Drag the duplicated row below the first row. Now you will need to change the colors of the checkers to opposite of what they are now.

Now you can flatten these two rows and duplicate both rows to finish creating your background. Select all of the checkers. The easiest way to select all of the checkers is hold your mouse down and draw a box over the entire canvas. Start your box off of the canvas so that you select all of them. You can also go to the top of your window and click Select > Select All. Right click on a checker and click Flatten Selection. Now the checkers are turned into one image. You can now duplicate all the other rows that you need.

After you have your background created, you can start creating your frames. You can arrange your frames how you want them on your background. To create the frames, follow these steps. Get your rectangle tool and draw a square on your canvas. Change the color fill to none. Change the stroke fill to #B745CB. Add a drop shadow to your frame by clicking Filters > Shadow and Glow > Drop Shadow. Now you can duplicate all the other frames that you need.