Danby DWC276BLS Wine Refrigerator Review

src=”https://www.canadianappliance.ca/img/xxlarge/silhouette/wine-cooler/DWC276BLS_1.jpg” width=”” height=”” />The Danby DWC276BLS is a 12-inch wine refrigerator. You can use it as a built-in or a freestanding design. You can find this model for an average price of $650. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.


The Danby DWC276BLS wine refrigerator is fitted with seven black wire shelves with a stainless steel face. All together, there is enough space to accommodate 27 bottles of wine. You can slide each shelf out so that you can access your wine more easily.


The Danby DWC276BLS is equipped with an adjustable thermostat. You can set it anywhere from 39 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range makes the unit very versatile. You can use it to store white, red, or even sparkling wines.


The Danby DWC276BLS wine refrigerator has a reversible door. Therefore, you can set it up to open to either the left or right. The tempered glass door is tinted which helps keep UV rays from damaging your wine. The door is also fitted with a child-proof lock so you can keep little children out of the unit.


Another nice feature offered by the Danby DWC276BLS is the humidity reservoir. This reservoir is designed to keep moisture inside the refrigerator. Without moisture, the corks in the wine bottles may dry out and damage your wines.


The Danby DWC276BLS wine refrigerator is equipped with an interior light. It is an LED light instead of lighting provided by an incandescent bulb. An incandescent bulb generates heat while LED lights do not.


The Danby DWC276BLS offers a total storage capacity of 2.47 cubic feet. It measures 12 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and 34 inches deep.

The Danby DWC276BLS is useful for storing or simply displaying your wine collection. It is fitted with seven wire shelves that pull out so you can access the bottles easily. The unit can store up to 27 bottles of wine at once. There is also a humidity reservoir which will help prevent the corks from drying out. You can also adjust the thermostat anywhere between 39 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can store any type of wine at the ideal temperature.