Mother's Teachings

Mother would have been satisfied,

Had her life and family been perfect.

Alas! This is mortality…and we, mere mortals.

Yet, even though her goading belittled

And often wounded her loved ones,

Are not the qualities I love most within myself

The result of her berating?

True, I still cannot keep a clean house

But I can keep a promise.

I may have dirty countertops

But my tongue is clean enough.

And my curtains may not hang so straight,

But my heart is honest and true.

These lessons I learned well at my mother's knee

As well as kindness, love and courtesy.

And, after all, my house I leave behind

While these others I carry into eternity.… Read the rest

To Teach


Who am I
but who I tell
you I am.

Who am I
but who you
me to be.

Who am I
but the person
who wants to
teach you.


This is my domain
This is my world.

I’ve created this place
out of staples
and tape

ripped out of
my own money
in order to
teach you.


I’ve never said
I was anything
but the person
who stood


of a classroom

you made
me more than
that.… Read the rest