Peppermint Tea

As I sit and sip

my peppermint tea

I remember the times

that you laughed with me

I ponder the future

and relive the past

I savor the present

for it never lasts

I’m lost in the moment

and I don’t really care

For though time is fleeting

I have plenty to spare

Right now I’m content,

to just sit and drink

It’s nice to relax

and let my brain think

I’ll sit on my bed

and look out at the rain

It cleanses my soul

and heals all my pain

When all my tea’s gone,

I’ll start living again

But I don’t want to think

about life until then

I’m sick of the world

and all of its worry

Can’t life take it slow?

I’m in no real hurry

One thing I’ve learned

is to let some things be

So I’ll sit and I’ll sip

my peppermint tea.… Read the rest

Ms. Tea Kettle

Tea kettle, tea kettle
Boiling, boiling mad,
And when she gets real angry,
She often wakes up dad.

“I’m really steamed,”
Remarks tea kettle.
“I’m spouting off to you.
Get me off the burner now
Or else I’ll cry boo hoo.”

Mom turns the burner down.
The water’s nice and hot.
Now tea kettle is feeling better.
She hisses, “Thanks a lot.”

Mom takes the tea kettle.
She pours hot water in a mug.
Then she places the kettle on a cool burner,
And wakes up dad with a hug.

But the tea kettle looks very proud.
She has served the Garners well.
And oh the aroma of peach tea
Gives off an enchanting smell.

The tea kettle will be used quite often,
For this there is no deny.
And if she is left on the burner too long,
She will give a piercing cry.… Read the rest

Miss Lady Bug Goes to a Tea Party

Precious little lady bug,
Won’t you come over for a sip of tea?
“Goodness gracious yes,
You are so kind to me.”

“Precious little lady bug,
My tea party will be grand.
The mouse, the chipmunk, and the sparrow,
Will all be on hand.”

“You’ll have a delightful time.
We’ll be having crumpets for dessert.
I’m sure you’ll have such fun.
Why, I’ve even invited Mert.”

“Mert is my best friend.
Mr. Groundhog you are so kind.
I’m thrilled at your invitation.
I’ll bring over a bottle of wine.”

“You are so considerate Miss Lady Bug.
The party shall commence at two.
Come as you are and enjoy the fest.
There’s nothing else you need to do.”

Ms. Lady Bug had a wonderful time.
The tea party was a success.
And best of all she received glowing compliments,
About her fancy, new, black and red dress.… Read the rest

Mouth- Watering Southern Iced Tea

Preparation is the key to great Iced Tea. Begin first with gathering all of the needed ingredients for this mouth- watering prize.


Lipton Hot Tea Packets (3)

Domino Sugar

Raspberry Syrup (7 oz bottle)

Ice Cubes (2.5 trays)

Water (depends on the pitcher size)

Lemons (approx. 4)

Measuring Cup

Follow the instructions on the Lipton Hot Tea box and boil the tea packets in water.

Once boiling has begun, squeeze juice from one lemon to boil with the tea packets and water. This process generally takes about 20 minutes.

Pour hot tea and lemon juice mixture into a pitcher. Add about 2 cups of domino sugar to the pitcher.

Pour about 2/3 of a cup of raspberry syrup into the mixture. Add ice cubes to the mixture. Add remaining lemons into slices and set tea into the refrigerator for ½ hour.

Serve over ice or in iced glasses and enjoy.… Read the rest