The Story of Starting Zamirzine

We all like to take a break at work now and then and to read a few articles while sipping some coffee. However, we are also looking for a complete blog that is nicely written, and which gives us a variety of materials. This break, you will only want to read an accessible article about restoring a 1969 Chevy. Next one, you will look for something more serious, like landing the job of your dreams. All these life hacks and tips can be found in the pages of a single blog, and that is Zamirzine.

Zamirzine is a project of some talented bloggers, who wanted to give their readers space where to find the most useful advice about getting through life. Josh Beck is a proud representative of the boomers’ generation, but he also kept its connection with the new generation of millennials. He is licensed in Sociology, so he really understands what people want to read and what is the conflict between ages.

‘It all started with a good web company, and I realized how important this is in building a successful blog. I am building websites for quite a while now, and I know the ones hosted with reliable companies will get more traffic from Google, and they will keep the visitors interested a lot longer.’

‘I don’t like to spend money on expensive hosting and web developing services, especially for a new project. I like to build websites myself and grow them big, but this can only be done with a reliable web hosting company.’

I had so many websites in which I invested years, and they were not getting the expected results. I used to think it was my lousy writing to blame, but eventually, I understood that hosting is crucial for a website. Readers today will not give any chance to a slow website, and a slow website is usually the blame of your hosting provider.

Josh is not cheap when it comes to sharing his success. He wants to share his experiences with others, especially with other talented writers looking to make money from their passion. It is why he created a Programming section on Zamizine, where he shares all these useful tips for hosting and maintaining a successful website.

The above video is Josh’s little brother who lives with him!

‘The trick is to write about simple things in simple terms but to keep the reader entertained. By writing about the things you love, you know you are offering value to your visitors, and they will read the next article as well’.

Of course, you also have to know what is of interest lately and to convince your viewers to come back. It is why Zamirzine hosts articles written by other passionate bloggers in niches such as wine, writing, and parenting.

‘The 2020 Covid Pandemic obliged many people to spend more time at home with their children, and this is why the Parenting section of the website became more popular than it used … Read the rest