Breeding French Bulldogs

If you want to breed , here are some things that you can consider:


  • Make sure you choose French bulldogs with good histories and are not related.
  • Check the breeding encounter and take note of the C-section events.
  • Join some reputable breeding organizations and establish yourself as a professional breeder.

French Bulldogs

  1. Make sure you choose French bulldogs with good histories and are not related. Selecting a good history will ensure good characteristics inheritance. Examine the physical traits like size and color. Also, check the temperament and personality of the French dog. Make sure the French dogs are not related to avoiding genetic disorders. You may want to test the dogs and for infectious diseases like Brucellosis.
  2. Check the breeding encounter and take note of the C-section events. The bitch’s ovulation cycle takes five (5) days after spotting. You will notice blood and irritability once she is fertile. Have your vet test the bitch to confirm that you can place her with a male dog.
  3. Mating. Once you confirm that the bitch is ovulating, place both her and the stud inside a room. It is best to put the bitch a collar and a breastplate to assist the stud for mating. That way, you can pull them apart after mating preventing injury. If they are aggressive, the harness can help prevent injury. During intercourse, the penis of the stud gets large inside the vagina. It makes it difficult to remove it from the vagina afterward. It is normal. Removing it will only take twenty minutes.
  4. Get help from a vet for artificial insemination rather than physical breeding. Artificial insemination is a choice of most breeders because it is safer and more secure. If you can, you can drip some semen and put it inside the bitch’s vagina with a clean dropper. Keep the bitch on her back and elevate her hips to ensure conception. Don’t try this if you are not trained. You might hurt the dog or cause an infection.
  5. Birthing the babies. Take the dog to the vet for prenatal care. An ultrasound or radiograph will show possible pregnancy issues. The vet will give you advice when one exists. Watch your dog for labor. Your dog may show signs like restlessness, shivering, and vomiting. When they persist, put the dog in a secluded place for delivery. The labor will take twelve (12) to twenty-four hours (24). The puppies will arrive during delivery. Interfere with the birthing process when problems exist, like delays. When birthing, tear open the placental sac around each puppy. Lick the puppies to stimulate breathing and circulation. Leave the bitch if she is doing these for her own. If the dam does not seem to do what to do, open the placental sac so the puppy can breathe. Then cut the umbilical cord. Tie it with a thread. Clear away the mucus and fluid from the puppy’s mouth. Then rub the puppy to stimulate breathing and circulation. Be prepared for a cesarean if necessary.
  6. Caring for the puppies. Set up an incubated whelping box. Make sure the puppies are eating. Puppies need to eat every two hours. Make sure they make their way to their mother’s nipples for feeding. Also, check their urination and defecation. French dogs pee and poop well. If the mother seems to not be licking the puppies, dab a cotton ball and rub it across the puppy’s genitals. It will stimulate excrement.
  7. Breeding. Get a healthy, breedable female capable of carrying litters. Take the female to a vet for a full physical examination before breeding. Your female dog should be well-vaccinated, taking heartworm medicine, and free of parasites.
  8. Join several French bulldog breed clubs. Joining clubs will increase your chance to be a certified breeder. This way, you can find other studs to breed your dogs. Some clubs include the French Bulldog Club of America and the French Bulldog Club of England. Apply as an assured breeder online like Kennel’s Club Assured Breeder Scheme. You will need to include the names of the animals, numbers, and personal breeding history. You will have to pay a fee of about $60 for membership fees.