Best Websites for Car Collectors

If you are a car collector, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your hobby. One of the best ways to do this is through various online resources which are either professional or community oriented. However, many times these sites are full of junk and might even infect your computer with a virus or other malicious software. Therefore, I have complied a list of appropriate websites that offer useful, as well as safe, online car collector resources.

Car Collector: This is the online version of Car Collector magazine. It offers a digital version of the print magazine, blogs by professional automotive and car collector experts, online car sales, user forums, and other multimedia presentations. This site made my list because it contains much of the print magazine content for free eveny month. For example, in January 2009’s edition, there is an article about car auction sales and the classic 1959 Cadillac. Check it out at

Car Restoration: This site is run by two guys who put together some video’s on how to do car restoration. This reason this site is included in the list is because under the “Used Parts Locator” contains links to literally hundreds of sellers and parts suppliers who will then offer you their best price for the part. It also contains links on which parts you might be missing to complete your project for dozens of makes and models. No popup’s either! You can get there at

Super Cars: takes a different approach to car collecting. This site is dedicated to throughly modern cars. It features thousands of images and hundreds of thousands forum posts. The photos are dynamic and show exactly how powerful the cars are. Need advice how how to get into super cars? Just ask in the their extensive forum! For the new person who wants to start learning about classic car collecting the classic car section of is a wealth of information ( Use this site so you do not get scammed when buying your first automobile, to learn how to properly insure your car, or how to store your car appropriately. As of December 2019, there are 13 main subject matters with over 80+ individual articles.

Autopedia: This is a must have site for car collecting and car restoration. This site is more of a “Who’s who” listing of car collecting and user forums – including multiple links for USENet car collecting and automotive forums. This site will also link you to the best parts suppliers and product specialists for the unique hobby of car collecting. You can find this site at

Lastly, a fun site that I learned about on late night television is Jay’s Garage. Jay Leno collects cars and this site shows them all. See them here at The site includes both photos and videos of Jay’s cars.