A Beginner's Scrapbooking Experience

I never before had any inclination to try scrapbooking. There has never been anything to happen in my life that has made me want to detail it in a book with stickers and cut outs and pictures. That was until my daughter was born. At first, as I was collecting little mementos like her hospital id bracelet and name card, I thought I would get my sister, the more creative member of my family, to make a scrapbook for me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted things to be done my way and the only way to insure that was to do it myself. But how in the world do you get started?

The first thing I did was try and find a class on scrapbooking where they would tell me exactly what to buy and how to put things together. However, living in a small town where Wal-mart is our only "craft store" that was not possible. Then I went online and try to find a "how-to" on getting started scrapbooking. Nothing I found really put things in way that a complete novice like me could understand. But, I needed to get started somehow. So I went on Ebay and bought me a scrapbooking kit. Then I bought other stickers and dye-cuts (what the heck do you do with those?) and other such scrapbooky items. As these things arrived I stacked them on my dining room table, along with about 300 pictures of my daughters first ten months of existence. I had the materials but what do I do now?

I finally caved in and asked my sister for advice. I needed to know specifics such as what do you do with the dye cuts? What do you use to actually stick pictures to the pages? How many pictures should you put on a page? Do I need the special cutting boards or can I just do things with scissors the old fashioned way? Does everything have to be acid free?

She took me to the Dollar Tree, who has a great selection of scrapbooking stickers at a great price, and loaded me up with special hole punches and stickers. Then we went to Wal-mart and she told me what kind of adhesive she prefers. She also showed me a scrapbook she had completed to show me different ideas for the dye cuts and borders that had come with my scrapbooking kit and gave me a cutting board to use that she had in storage.

Armed with all this knowledge and accessories I finally sat down to try and piece this thing together. I had an idea in my head as to how the order of things should go and got started. Before I knew it I had a pain in my neck and five pages completed. Score!! I felt a great sense of accomplishment and I didn't think my pages looked all that bad either. A more crafty, creative person would probably toss the whole thing and start over, but I was pretty impressed with myself. Now, the only thing left is to finish the other 295 pictures…