Chevy Truck Restoration: Websites that Sell the Parts Needed for Your Project

My fiancé, Dave is restoring a 1969 Chevy C-10 Pick-up. He actually has two Chevy C-10 trucks on our property: one for parts and the one he is restoring.

He is looking for both original and after-market parts during this restoration project, and since there is no one local that he knows that deals with parts for this type of place, he has been tirelessly searching online for parts for his Chevy truck restoration project.

He says that he found sites for Chevy truck parts easily when he simply searched for "Chevy C-10 truck." However, not all sites that sell these Chevy truck parts were user-friendly. I asked him to share his top three picks for parts for his C-10 Chevy truck. Here is what he told me, with a bit of my own opinions as an e-commerce employee.
Why he likes it: "It has a very good catalog; easy to look through." offers parts and accessories from Chevy and GMC trucks for years 1947 through 1987. is extremely professional looking from an e-commerce standpoint. The categorized left-hand navigation of this site makes it easy for truck fanatics to find what they are looking for regarding their Chevy truck or GMC truck. The site also offers a log-in feature, allowing users to create an account for quicker ordering and also to check order history and order status. This site also offers tech articles, truck show schedules, photo galleries and more. A big plus for any online shopping experience is that also has a customer service line. And, you can also request a print catalog for quick and easy reference.
Why he likes it: "They have a lot of after market parts for this truck. It's very easy to use."

I work in e-commerce and I think this site is a little "old-school" looking. In my professional opinion, this site needs a redesign and an updated navigation. However, Dave likes the way you can search for items on the catalog page. This search function is a good feature, and probably the best thing about the site. also has a page where customers can show off their truck restoration projects. There are also lots of technical articles filled with advice for people like Dave who want to restore old Chevys or other old trucks.
Why he likes it:
 "This has a lot of original parts. It's easy to find parts. Very descriptive site.", which also has a print catalog, bills itself as the largest seller of parts of Chevy and Ford pick-up trucks. The site also offer parts of GMC and Dodge trucks as well. allows users to view each and every single page of the print catalog, and allows for zooming in for a close-up view of a part or page. This is a very different experience for online shoppers, as you click on the part number within the catalog page to order. This is not the norm for e-commerce … Read the rest

How to Find a Great Website for Boomers

How does a Boomer find a great website just for them? EMarketer, an online market and research organization, lists specified data proving that the boomer generation -as opposed to the senior population today-will be worth its weight in gold, if properly tended to, in years to come. That’s why the Web cannot afford to see the boomer generation as the seniors of old (pun absolutely intended). Let’s stroll down Weberly Lane and see what websites are available today specifically geared towards boomers:

1) – I wrote an article about some time ago giving several reasons why boomers should pass when seeking a site of their own. Even so, it is one of the few sites online that targets boomers, only. But, if you look closely, there are still parts of the site that border on very old age. Boomers don’t like to be thought of as old, even if we are. Jeff Taylor, the former CEO of is the brains behind Eons.

2) – This site is a clearinghouse for Boomer sites. But, alas, Grandma thinks boomers are seniors too. At least that’s what her title says. “The starting point for Boomers and Seniors”. Nice thought, Grandma Betty, but I think I’ll get in my convertible and go to the gym instead. Granted, many Boomers have a myriad of health problems. These boomers might be trying to figure out what nursing home to spend their last days in – but I would hazard a guess – and say- most Boomers don’t want to be one of them. And aren’t. Let’s face it – the minute most boomers see senior coupled with them in an online title, the clicking begins.

3) Aging Hipsters: This is my favorite. It is cool, groovy, and has flower power. Unlike the majority of Boomer/ Senior sites – Aging Hipsters is all about Boomers and where they came from. This site recognizes that the boomer generation is literate and engaged when it comes to broadband internet use, and even, yes—-ipods.

4) – Even though, the CEO of SGC states that part of his demographic is the boomer brigade – using the word Senior as the company title is almost guaranteed to lose the Last Hippie Group Standing. However, it’s a great site- and comes equipped with many of the bells and whistles that enable those who come to have a good time.

5) Boomers International: Just say Boomers Everything and you have given this site a synonymous name. This is a place to sit back and read articles, thoughts, and get the scoop on the boomer mentality today. Pretty good.

How do you find a great Boomer website? First, keep in mind that we, as Boomers, still like to talk to each other. We love the ‘Net but, unlike the younger set we do not walk around with cell phones growing out of our ears, – so, make sure there is a definite way to chat. Message boards are cool. Forums … Read the rest

Best Websites for Car Collectors

If you are a car collector, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your hobby. One of the best ways to do this is through various online resources which are either professional or community oriented. However, many times these sites are full of junk and might even infect your computer with a virus or other malicious software. Therefore, I have complied a list of appropriate websites that offer useful, as well as safe, online car collector resources.

Car Collector: This is the online version of Car Collector magazine. It offers a digital version of the print magazine, blogs by professional automotive and car collector experts, online car sales, user forums, and other multimedia presentations. This site made my list because it contains much of the print magazine content for free eveny month. For example, in January 2009’s edition, there is an article about car auction sales and the classic 1959 Cadillac. Check it out at

Car Restoration: This site is run by two guys who put together some video’s on how to do car restoration. This reason this site is included in the list is because under the “Used Parts Locator” contains links to literally hundreds of sellers and parts suppliers who will then offer you their best price for the part. It also contains links on which for dozens of makes and models. No popup’s either! You can get there at

Super Cars: takes a different approach to car collecting. This site is dedicated to throughly modern cars. It features thousands of images and hundreds of thousands forum posts. The photos are dynamic and show exactly how powerful the cars are. Need advice how how to get into super cars? Just ask in the their extensive forum! For the new person who wants to start learning about classic car collecting the classic car section of is a wealth of information ( Use this site so you do not get scammed when buying your first automobile, to learn how to properly insure your car, or how to store your car appropriately. As of December 2019, there are 13 main subject matters with over 80+ individual articles.

Autopedia: This is a must have site for car collecting and car restoration. This site is more of a “Who’s who” listing of car collecting and user forums – including multiple links for USENet car collecting and automotive forums. This site will also link you to the best parts suppliers and product specialists for the unique hobby of car collecting. You can find this site at

Lastly, a fun site that I learned about on late night television is Jay’s Garage. Jay Leno collects cars and this site shows them all. See them here at The site includes both photos and videos of Jay’s cars.… Read the rest

Is Gamespot the Best Website for Video Games?

Gamespot is one of the most visited video game websites. Being popular doesn't always equate to being the best, however.

The biggest problem becomes apparent once you visit the homepage. The background of the entire page is covered by one big advertisement. Only about half of the page is based on the site's content.

While this usually is not a problem, Gamespot got into some controversy recently regarding a review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Man. Publisher Eidos Interactive, who also had advertisements on the website, was not pleased with the wording of the review. The reviewer was fired soon after and most of the displeased staff left as a result.

It is hard to trust the opinions of the website after what transpired. Gamespot used to be known for its tough grading system on even the most popular of games. After this particular incident, they simply can't be trusted.

Fortunately, Gamespot does just about everything else right, especially if you like looking at the latest screenshots in addition to watching the latest official and user videos. You have to pay for high-definition ones, however, which is pretty stingy considering you can most like find the same high-definition video online for free.

The site also includes blogs, podcasts and video shows. These are great for Gamespot as they try to win back the fans that were hurt by the Kane & Lynch: Dead Man incident.

The biggest competitor to Gamespot is IGN. Like Gamespot, IGN has its fair share of blogs, podcasts, video shows and even subscription only content for the community. However, Gamespot has the leg up by enabling user submitted videos.

Aside from that, IGN has the advantage in just about every other aspect. The biggest one is organization. The design of the website is simply better compared to Gamespot's. The content is way more organized for IGN since you basically know where to go from the onset instead of taking a couple of seconds to find where the content is.

The game database is about even for the two websites. For older games, however, IGN is simply better. Classic games like Chrono Trigger are described in more detail on the IGN website.

The IGN's editorial team is also more reputable now that most of Gamespot's writing position has received a huge turnover. It is a lot easier to trust the opinions from IGN's editors rather than the ones from Gamespot's.

The only drawback for IGN is the advertisement. Pages with nothing but advertisement will pop-up on every other page on the website. Although you can skip then, the advertisement can become an annoyance (even more so than the advertisement layout for Gamespot) when browsing on IGN.

While IGN has a slight edge over it, Gamespot is still a premier video game website. Just take their opinions with a grain of salt, at least for the time being.… Read the rest

The Best Online Website for Dads

There is an amazing website on the net that it a place for Dads only, How do I know, well, I've been a member of the website for about two year now. There are so many great people on that website, you'll find friends everywhere with very similar interest. No matter what you are going through, or what life hits you with, you can always go to the guys there for advice and for understanding. It's truly a non-judgmental for dads to talk, joke, whatever comes to mind. Yes, there are some vulgarities, but those are in member only areas, and only as jokes.

Any new dad, or one with some experience, I urge you to join this website, there's a lot of informative, yet fun stuff. And for the wifes that have husbands with nothing to do, this is the perfect website for them. Just let them know about the greatest site for dads and they will be instantly hooked. The site is growing with members constantly, and will gladly accommodate more.

They have gamer dads, cooking dads, poetic dads, and as stated before, plenty of jokester dads. Though there are no separations of groups, the forums subject contenty is a bit specific, so you'll be able to communicate with dads who like the same things as you. But there is no way I could cover how great this website is with the use of this article alone, which is why I keep telling you to check the website out and see for yourself.… Read the rest