Writing is My Favorite Addiction Ever

Life is so rich when every moment is an article waiting to happen. I will leap out of bed to jot down ideas, and pull into parking lots to scribble down ideas that popped in my head on the way there. As a result I have ideas written down and stashed in just about every corner of my house, evidence pointing to my addiction to this site.

I get a thrill out of submitting each article and seeing the "Thank You! Your content has been submitted" message that appears. This is one of the subtle things that gives me a feeling of accomplishment for the day, and has made writing for Content addictive. It's kind of a gateway drug. I know that I have a lot of opinions and stories, but it always comes as a shock that someone might find them to be of interest.

Checking on my articles to see what offers I got is the highlight of my day. In fact, I hate to let a day go by without submitting something, because then I might have a day with no offers. Going to my Content page and seeing that my articles have been reviewed is such fun. It's like Christmas morning, winning at the slot machine, and getting your tax refund in the mail all at once.

Having the stream of income into my paypal account is one of the best parts, of course. I have other addictions that cost money, and I am able to pay for them with my Content addiction.

Writing for this site has changed how I communicate. In conversations, a topic will come up and I'll say "Oh yes, I just wrote an article on that". It's like I'm instantly branding myself as an expert. I try to strike a delicate balance between getting the word out about new articles, and actually quoting myself in the third person like some kind of know-it-all. I don't, after all, want anyone to stage an intervention.

Writing for this site has given me a reason to start writing again. I do a variety of small part-time things for extra money, and it's been great to add "freelance writer" to my list of gigs. Having had formal art training, I am painfully aware of how challenging it can be to find compensation for your work. I had looked at my interest in writing as something that was of little benefit, kind of a parlor trick. Writing for this site elevates it to something that is valuable both financially and intellectually. It's a habit worth picking up.… Read the rest

Teach the Preach

Where is Joseph Smith in the Bible?
Nowhere, Joseph Smith wasn’t born until December 23, 1805.
Maybe you should be more factual.
“Do you know Satan and Jesus Christ are not brothers?
With those two questions, you tried to hand me a lot of jive.

This Mormon woman has got to
Teach the Preach.

I am a MORMON,
not a MORON.
You are a bigot, maybe
you should try being
Then you can
better lead your flock

This Mormon woman has got to
Teach the Preach.

There is only One
who judges.
It is not you.

~Therese Anne Schmidt~
Tuesday, July 24, 2012… Read the rest

Basic Steps to Create a Scrapbook Layout in Photo Frame Studio

Although this program is not aimed towards creating scrapbook layouts, you can use it for that. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the basic steps of creating a scrapbook layout using Photo Frame Studio. I will show you the basic things you need to do and you can run with the rest.

Creating a Blank Document

Your first step is to create a blank document to work on. You can do this by clicking the New icon at the top of your program. When the box opens, click the Editor button. Now you will see the different document sizes in the right panel. Click the size document you want to work on. If you can’t find the size you want to use, you can enter your own measurements.

Finding a Background

Your next step is to find the background you want to use. You can click the background tab at the bottom of your window to open the backgrounds. Browse through the backgrounds and find the one you want to use. Then double click the background to apply it.

Adding Your Photos

You are now ready to add your photos. Click your Photos tab at the bottom of your program and click the folder with your photos. Then find a photo and drag it to the document. Drag as many photos as you want to the document.

Adding Frames to Photos

Next, you can add frames to your photos. Click the Frames tab at the bottom of your program and find the frame or frames that you want to use. Once you find a frame you want to use, click it and drag it on top of the photo you want to apply it too. You can continue doing this until you have framed all of your photos if you want.

Adding Masks to Photos

If you would prefer to use masks instead of frames, you can. All you have to do is click the Mask tab and select the mask you want to use. Click the mask and drag it to the photo you want to add it too. You can’t use a mask and frame on the same photo, but you can use both mask and frames in your layout.

Adding Clipart

Next in line is your clipart. You can click the clipart tab at the bottom of your window and select the clipart you want to use. Drag the clipart to your scrapbook layout and place it where you want it. You can add all of the clipart you want.

Adding Text

You can now add text to your scrapbook layout. Click the Text button in the left panel and click your layout. Then erase the text in the right panel and type what you want. Then adjust the text settings to what you want.

All that is left to do now is export your scrapbook layout.… Read the rest

Southern Sweet Tea

I love sweet tea! The inspiration for this poem is my tea recipe. To make Southern Sweet Tea: Place four family-size tea bags into a pot/bowl of very hot water and allow it to steep for at least 30 minutes (do NOT boil). Transfer the tea to a tea jug (at the sink) and stir in 1 cup (8oz) of sugar. Add enough water to fill the jug to the top. Let the tea sit in the fridge overnight for best results! You can add up to 1/4 cup more of the sugar, if you like your tea even sweeter. Note: Sweet tea gets sweeter after it has been in the refrigerator; it will be sweeter tomorrow, than it is today. Enjoy!

  • sweet tea with sugar
  • four bags, hot water, steeping
  • enjoy with lemon
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A Defensive Stance on Stay-At-Home Parenting

Recently I read something demanding to know why stay-at-home parents automatically jump to the defensive side. The simple answer- society has painted the stay-at-home parent into a corner where the simplest comment can come off as an attack.

In an economy that almost requires two incomes just to make ends meet, society puts the blame on the parent that's not working when times get tough for the family. This is not fair. I know the contributions I make to my family are far greater than any monetary gain I would make if I were employed full-time. I know my children are safe and fed. I know what they are being exposed to. That, to my family, is the most important role I can play.

There's also the question of codependency. To this, I say, children need to be taken care of. They need to know they are loved and when darkness falls someone will be there to have their back. Codependency results come from a child not having room to grow and explore, NOT by having a parent around to guide and encourage them. In fact, proper guidance and encouragement can lead to higher self-esteem, in turn leading to a stronger, more independent individual.

Last, but certainly not least, is the stigma surrounding the stay-at-home parent: that they just lay around all day and do nothing. This is not the case at all. As a stay-at-home mom I can tell you my work is never done. There's always toys to pick up, or dishes to do, or meals to cook, the list is endless. To someone who faces these chores day after day, the idea that they don't "work" is highly offensive.

I'm not saying working parents aren't good parents. I've said on other occasions that what is right for one family won't necessarily be right for another. I honestly believe this, but I also believe that children are becoming so out-of-control and disrespectful because moms are returning to work (either out of necessity or desire) too soon in a child's life. I think, because of this, more and more people- children especially, are losing sight of family values.

Parenting choices are among the most important and personal choices you will ever get the honor of making. Each person is entitled to their own ideas and the ability to put those ideas into action. Rather than outsiders worrying about who will be working and who will be caring for the children, why don't we all start focusing on what's really important- the children?… Read the rest

Peppermint Tea

As I sit and sip

my peppermint tea

I remember the times

that you laughed with me

I ponder the future

and relive the past

I savor the present

for it never lasts

I’m lost in the moment

and I don’t really care

For though time is fleeting

I have plenty to spare

Right now I’m content,

to just sit and drink

It’s nice to relax

and let my brain think

I’ll sit on my bed

and look out at the rain

It cleanses my soul

and heals all my pain

When all my tea’s gone,

I’ll start living again

But I don’t want to think

about life until then

I’m sick of the world

and all of its worry

Can’t life take it slow?

I’m in no real hurry

One thing I’ve learned

is to let some things be

So I’ll sit and I’ll sip

my peppermint tea.… Read the rest

The Best Online Website for Dads

There is an amazing website on the net that it a place for Dads only, daddyplace.com. How do I know, well, I've been a member of the website for about two year now. There are so many great people on that website, you'll find friends everywhere with very similar interest. No matter what you are going through, or what life hits you with, you can always go to the guys there for advice and for understanding. It's truly a non-judgmental for dads to talk, joke, whatever comes to mind. Yes, there are some vulgarities, but those are in member only areas, and only as jokes.

Any new dad, or one with some experience, I urge you to join this website, there's a lot of informative, yet fun stuff. And for the wifes that have husbands with nothing to do, this is the perfect website for them. Just let them know about the greatest site for dads and they will be instantly hooked. The site is growing with members constantly, and will gladly accommodate more.

They have gamer dads, cooking dads, poetic dads, and as stated before, plenty of jokester dads. Though there are no separations of groups, the forums subject contenty is a bit specific, so you'll be able to communicate with dads who like the same things as you. But there is no way I could cover how great this website is with the use of this article alone, which is why I keep telling you to check the website out and see for yourself.… Read the rest

The Wine Diaries: Fish Out of Water

Our third Carnival cruise on the M.S. Conquest was not exactly what we thought it would be. To begin with, we had to sit and wait at U.S. Customs in the Port of Galveston from noon until 4:30pm due to fog keeping our boat from coming ashore on time. Yes, "fog." What kind of crap is that? I mean, I would think that Carnival would be able to sail through fog, but that delay was definitely the beginning of a terrible vacation.

Eventually, at about 4 pm, the Carnival Staff decided to provide sandwiches for everyone waiting. Wow, it was really helpful that they decided to wait four hours to bring them; considering there was only one restaurant open within hiking distance since the rebuilding after Hurricane Ike is taking a while. Needless to say, we did not leave Galveston until 9:30 PM that evening. The upside is that we paid for this incredible balcony suite and there was suppose to be a nice sitting area with a couch, but the picture was deceiving and we were only provided with a stupid chair. (SEE ATTACHED). Not only did the bathroom reek of urine, but there was only one electrical outlet in the entire room and none in the bathroom. Isn't this the modern era of society? The boat was completed in 2002; you would think that they would realize by then that people have certain power needs. How am I supposed to charge my phone, play on the computer, listen to my iPod on the docking station and blow dry my hair all at the same time? I spent way too much money on this vacation to not be able to do at least 3 of the above at any given time. This boat was definitely much nicer than the other boat we have been on prior, but aside from the décor and fixtures, it sucked a whole lot more.

I can understand that day one would be a little hectic from the ship being delayed, but I was expecting the second day to be considerably better. After all, these people do this day in and day out, they should foresee delays, have experienced them before, and should be trained to deal with them properly and get the ship up to full steam in no time. Day two was not so wonderful considering our room steward did not give us our list of daily activities and we had to go complain to the Purser's Desk. We tried to call room service several times, but there was no answer. What is up with not being able to get room service? What is the point of going on a cruise if you cannot eat every two hours? It's not like I'm some spoiled rich girl…they advertise 24 hour free room service, I'm just holding them to their promise they made to me. There were constant lines for everything; due in part to 3,500 people and not enough staff. It was formal night … Read the rest