Ms. Tea Kettle

Tea kettle, tea kettle
Boiling, boiling mad,
And when she gets real angry,
She often wakes up dad.

“I’m really steamed,”
Remarks tea kettle.
“I’m spouting off to you.
Get me off the burner now
Or else I’ll cry boo hoo.”

Mom turns the burner down.
The water’s nice and hot.
Now tea kettle is feeling better.
She hisses, “Thanks a lot.”

Mom takes the tea kettle.
She pours hot water in a mug.
Then she places the kettle on a cool burner,
And wakes up dad with a hug.

But the tea kettle looks very proud.
She has served the Garners well.
And oh the aroma of peach tea
Gives off an enchanting smell.

The tea kettle will be used quite often,
For this there is no deny.
And if she is left on the burner too long,
She will give a piercing cry.